A Mother’s Day Love for Her Son: Isaac

When a family gets kicked in the teeth from life, what’s there to do? A mother and father decide to assist other families to make their struggles feel of love and care. Be sure to tell your mother you love them on this Mothers Day.
Simply Making Isaac’s Laugh Eternal (SMILE), Inc. was founded in honor of Isaac Bode, who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) which was complicated by a rare genetic translocation (17/19). Isaac was always known for his quick wit and endless humor. Even through cancer, he continued to be quite the charmer. Isaac was 16 years old when he was diagnosed and was so humbled by the gifts and cards he received from total strangers while in the hospital. He said, “That’s cool. When I get better, I’m gonna do this.” Isaac went to be with Jesus less than five months after his fight for his life began. So, Isaac is better now and this is how he is continuing to make other kids smile.
SMILE benefits the families at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, when their worlds have been turned upside down after their children have been diagnosed with cancer. Childhood cancer is treated much differently than adulthood cancer and often there is no known cause. Children treated with chemotherapy are at a higher risk of developing other cancers within their lifetime. Radiation treatments often leave children infertile. With hospital admissions often and sometimes lasting for months, 4 months in the event of a transplant, families are often reduced to one income when they once required two. Household expenses can double with soaring gas prices, food costs, and medical bills.
We will provide care packages that will include toiletries, SOFT toilet tissue, laundry detergent and goods, basic necessities, snacks, and some items for entertainment value (magazines, puzzle books, journals, cards, etc.) We will also provide age appropriate and personalized gifts for the children. We include gas cards, gift cards for groceries and restaurants that are in or close to VCH. We even help out with utility bills, etc. in extreme cases. Sometimes the most meaningful thing that we can do for a family is just sit and talk with them, play games with the children, and let them know that they are not alone.
On May 18th 2014, there is the 4th Annual “Finshin’ for Isaac” Big Fish Bass Tournament. For more information go to:
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