When the Tough Get Going; Well, No Need to Try Just Give Up

It’s that time of the year in the sports world again. It’s playoffs for Tennessee basketball. This is where the dominated teams prevail as champions or the possibility of the Cinderella teams upsetting their opponents. Here is where the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat happen. What if the coach suggest to the team to throw the game? That’s right coach the team to lose on purpose. That is what two teams yes two teams, from Tennessee did in the district tournament. One coach figured out if his team loss his team would be in a different bracket opposite from not only the defending state champion but also the national champs. One coach did his own bracketology and put his plan in action to lose intentionally. The other coach figured out the plan and decided to have his team lose as well. Both teams played poorly, turning the ball over and giving the other team a chance to score. They also missed free-throws on purpose. Believe it or not but these coaches were teaching their

Live Your Dream

What is your life dream? What life dream that sometimes seems possible but in some sense it is impossible? What dream that only a few people of the world can experience? I mean the dream you want to accomplish before death. We all  want something in life that seems hard to believe it’s capable of achieving – a dream away. Lauren Hill’s dream is to play college basketball ever since she could remember. She has put in hours amount days practicing and play basketball so her dream could come true. She has sweat gallons of perspiration  and excerpt enough energy to light her brainy idea over her young life. Her dream is so close to her grasp but it might as well be a light year away. For an athlete to play in college, the number is small. The number gets even small when you have a life ending disease. Lauren has brain cancer in which she has only months to live. Therefore, for her to play college basketball she will need a small miracle and it needs to come fast. The NCAA  granted th

Which 9/11 Are You Talking About?

Today is a date that when Americans are asked, “Where ere you on 9/11?” Most people will answer with in school, at work, just getting out of the bed, or something similar because of the tragic event that took place that day. In honor of all people who lost their lives on that day, Americans must live their lives without fear so the terrorists don’t stripe our freedom from us. We must continue our journey here on Earth but not forget the brave who allows us to conquer and survive. According to Friedrich Nietzsche, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” On that quote, when asked, “Where was I on 9/11?” I respond with, “What year?” Of course I know they’re asking about the year 2001 – thirteen years ago today. Even though I prayer for our country and pray for the survivors of that day. Plus, the ones who gave their lives but soon after that prayer I thank God food him to let me live. Thirty-one years ago, my life as I knew it died and living as a quadriplegic was born.

Just Get Over It

As we remember Robin William’s life, not only was he a comic genius, exceptional award-winning actor and a giving philanthropist but also let’s not forget the elephant in the room. He, like most or all of us, was running from his demons. He openly talked about his emotions and feelings, his life highs, how great life was as well as being so low down in life because of depression suicide was often thought. We know this as being bi-polar and/or manic depressed. His life is a great example of how having money and being a celebrity won’t buy you happiness. Even though he received counseling for his depression, the demons continued with the use of alcohol and drugs. While being sober, his bi-polar manipulate his brain to where he was sad and hurting too much for him to continue life. Most people look at suicide as a form of weakness, they think it is the unforgettable sin, and it’s selfish that their mess is left for someone else to clean up. They think people should just get over wh

After 30 Years, It's You

While growing up, getting older and wiser, have you ever wonder whatever happened to your childhood friend? A schoolmate? Your first school romance? A special teacher? Anyone who left a lasting impression on your spirit? I’ve been on the hunt for this one particular person for the last twenty years. In total, I haven’t seen this person in thirty years. When I was in the hospital from a spinal cord injury only two of my former high school teachers came to visit. One teacher was my baseball coach. The other teacher who visited was a huge surprise to me. Even though I respected her as my teacher, during my tour of duty in her English class we had fun. She knew and obviously I knew I didn’t put forth my best in class. Now I’m not saying I didn’t apply my best in just her class but I didn’t give my best in any of my classes. This teacher was my Sophomore English instructor who I failed half the year. So my Senior year I had to take half of year of Sophomore English as well as my Senior

One Reason Bullying Continues

Recently, I went to a Nashville Sounds game with my brother Bear and my friend Coach Way. The games was great with the Sounds winning, we enjoyed the expensive foods and drinks, and we remised about the good old days. While the game was moving to the next inning after inning, I noticed one row below me a woman who seemed to be having a great time. She was laughing, nudging a friend beside her, and making a video with her cell phone. Cell phones are great! Coach Way and other people were videoing the San Diego Chicken as he was performing in between innings gags and pranks. The Chicken was just as enjoyable as the game and company that night. Then, I noticed the woman sitting below wasn’t having fun because of the Chicken, not the ballgame but she was interested in making fun or bullying another spectator. She was videoing another woman while getting her friend to laugh at the unknowing spectator. The inconspicuous woman was overweight, not watching most of the game because she

First Day of School

When starting school the first day should be exciting and memorable. It should be exciting meeting your teachers and your fellow students while knowing this is the beginning of a new chapter of your life. This was the beginning on my doctoral degree in education; full of excitement I bought my first book a few weeks before class. The cost for a used book was $98.50. Later I learned, books could be purchased online and sometimes the books would be cheaper. The same book that was $98.50 as a used book was $37 brand-new online. I decided to return the used book for a refund. I got to the university fifty minutes before my first class so to return my used book and get refunded $98.50. When standing outside of my car and started pivoting so to position myself to sit down when I noticed my wheelchair had rolled away from me. Cautiously sitting down inside the car, waiting for someone to retrieve my wheelchair and hold it in place for me so I get to the bookstore. After a few minutes, some