Just Get Over It

As we remember Robin William’s life, not only was he a comic genius, exceptional award-winning actor and a giving philanthropist but also let’s not forget the elephant in the room. He, like most or all of us, was running from his demons.
He openly talked about his emotions and feelings, his life highs, how great life was as well as being so low down in life because of depression suicide was often thought. We know this as being bi-polar and/or manic depressed. His life is a great example of how having money and being a celebrity won’t buy you happiness.
Even though he received counseling for his depression, the demons continued with the use of alcohol and drugs. While being sober, his bi-polar manipulate his brain to where he was sad and hurting too much for him to continue life.
Most people look at suicide as a form of weakness, they think it is the unforgettable sin, and it’s selfish that their mess is left for someone else to clean up. They think people should just get over whatever is getting them down and sad. Just get over it?!
As a survivor of suicide, I can tell you it’s more than just getting over it. Robin Williams did the right thing by seeking professional counseling, I don’t know, but I sure he was prescribed medication to assist with bi-polar, and he stay busy with his acting and comedy acts. We will never know his main reasoning for his life ending act but let’s use it as a way to help other people who are bi-polar, manic depressed, or suicidal.
We need more education about signs of depression or suicide thoughts so to be able to help our loves one and even our enemies. We need to talk with the young children it’s alright to be sad but teach them to open up about their feeling and emotions that way others can know how to help. People need to recognizes when one is mentally ill too long to get profession assistant for them.
Robin Williams has gone to a place where we soon will be – in the ground. Depending on your believes, he is in hell, Heaven or some believe there is no spirit in us so his body is just in the ground. Whatever you believe in our time is coming.
Let me know what you think. What is your comment?
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