First Day of School

When starting school the first day should be exciting and memorable. It should be exciting meeting your teachers and your fellow students while knowing this is the beginning of a new chapter of your life. This was the beginning on my doctoral degree in education; full of excitement I bought my first book a few weeks before class. The cost for a used book was $98.50. Later I learned, books could be purchased online and sometimes the books would be cheaper. The same book that was $98.50 as a used book was $37 brand-new online. I decided to return the used book for a refund.
I got to the university fifty minutes before my first class so to return my used book and get refunded $98.50. When standing outside of my car and started pivoting so to position myself to sit down when I noticed my wheelchair had rolled away from me. Cautiously sitting down inside the car, waiting for someone to retrieve my wheelchair and hold it in place for me so I get to the bookstore. After a few minutes, someone came and helped me into my wheelchair. With a mission on my mind, it was to the bookstore. After being in line for a few minutes, I received my refund and headed back to my car $98.50 richer.
When retuning into my car and driving to the building to where my class was to meet, remember, I was on campus fifty minutes early before my first class. After finding a parking place, I pulled my wheelchair out across my body and put it on the ground when noticing I parked on an incline. The door was closing on me while assembling the wheelchair. The more I pushed the madder I got the harder I pushed the faster the door came back to me which made it harder to reassemble my wheelchair. As I was getting madder, hearing a voice say, “Hi Coach Perdue” it was one of my student’s mothers who was teaching on campus. She asked if I needed any help. Usually, I say I can do this myself but after looking at my watch class started in ten minutes. Remember, I was fifty minutes early for class. After accepting her assistance, she held the door opened so I could rebuild my wheelchair and get in it. Also, there is a sharp incline to get to the building. She kindly pushed me into the building. When getting to the room where class was to begin there was a note on the door that read, Course EDAD 6000 has been moved to the Humphreys Building Room 216. With no idea where the Humphreys Building was, I was now ten minutes late to class.
A nice lady directed me to the Humphreys Building. After getting back into my car and drove to the building where my class has already begun, I noticed all the handicapped parking were full and there were no empty parking places closer. By now, with frustration, I decided to park in the fire lane and daring that I get a ticket. Now I was twenty-five minutes late to class.
As I got out of my car and into my wheelchair, there was a downhill incline and at the end also started a ramp to get in the building. As I got closer to the ramp, I notice a one inch lip that started the ramp. Knowing that if I don’t jump that one inch curb my little wheels would stop moving and I would fly out of my wheelchair like Superman. Grabbing my right wheel to avoided the ramp I went down another incline which took me under the ramp. Now below street level, it was getting dark and no one could see me. Slowly I push back up the incline so I could be next to the ramp. I slowly pushed up the ramp to the top and then push the automated door button so I could enter the building. The automated door button didn’t work. After pushing the button three or four times with no success, I had to pull open the heavy door to get into the building.
Remember, I arrived fifty minutes before class time. I finally found the elevator to take to the second floor. Finally, entered room 216 to where I am now an hour and a half late to class. After twenty minutes in class, the instructor says read the first four chapters and we’ll see you next week. This was my first day of school that I was so excited to start.
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