After 30 Years, It's You

While growing up, getting older and wiser, have you ever wonder whatever happened to your childhood friend? A schoolmate? Your first school romance? A special teacher? Anyone who left a lasting impression on your spirit?
I’ve been on the hunt for this one particular person for the last twenty years. In total, I haven’t seen this person in thirty years. When I was in the hospital from a spinal cord injury only two of my former high school teachers came to visit. One teacher was my baseball coach. The other teacher who visited was a huge surprise to me. Even though I respected her as my teacher, during my tour of duty in her English class we had fun. She knew and obviously I knew I didn’t put forth my best in class. Now I’m not saying I didn’t apply my best in just her class but I didn’t give my best in any of my classes.
This teacher was my Sophomore English instructor who I failed half the year. So my Senior year I had to take half of year of Sophomore English as well as my Senior English. When I signed up to have her as my English teacher I remembered her saying to me. “James, are you sure you want to have me for your Senior English? You remember what happened your Sophomore year? You want to graduate don’t you?” Then she giggled.
“Don’t worry about me. You’re going to be a breeze.” I replied while laughing. After recording a strong C average, O.K., I barely made a C, it was time to graduate.
The next time I saw her I was laying in a hospital bed unable to move from my neck down. She came in with a surprising and definitely an unexpected visit. She was encouraging, positive, and full of life. She told me there is a purpose for all that has happened and a future for me. At that time, I listened and agree but was skeptic. After about an hour, she was gone and I thought I would never see her again.
Again, I’ve been thinking about her for about twenty years. Last year, passing through Hartsville I decided to stop at a bank and try to get a hold of her. Little did I know she had moved out of Trousdale County.
A woman overheard me talking with the teller and she followed me outside. She knew who I was looking for and she could get her phone number. I gave my cell number and my teacher who I haven’t seen in thirty years gave me a call.
We meet for lunch and traded life stories. I know, if you have read this far – who is the teacher! Her name is Judy Bacon. Back in high school I called her Ms. Sizzlean. She was still positive and encouraging as I remembered.
Ms. Bacon told me about the phone call that she received from the woman at the bank.
Bank woman said, “Judy, one of your students came by looking for you. I’ll give you three guesses to see if you can figure out who it was.”
“James Perdue!” she replied. She said I was the first name who popped in her head.
If there is someone who keeps running through your mind, maybe you need to look them up. With technology it’s easier than before.
People, don’t be bashful, say hello to Ms. Bacon.
Let me know what you think. What is your comment?
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