Help! I’ve fallen and Can’t Get Up

What would you do? If you were wheelchair bound, it is time to get out of bed and transfer to your wheelchair. When all of a sudden the wheelchair has a mind of its own and it moves without you. You’re traveling to the floor at a high rate of speed and you have a hard stop on the floor like a sack of potatoes. Then, you realize the position that you landed the phone is out of your reach. What would you do?
Dr. James Perdue, a quadriplegic since the age of nineteen from a football game, experienced this situation. What did he do? James spent the next two and a half hours dragging himself from the bedroom to the living room so he could call for assistances.
Today, if the circumstance was to repeat itself, James can call Ricardo to the rescue! Ricardo is a handsome black Labrador retriever who provides assistant for James. Ricardo can pick up items off the floor such as cell phone, keys, clothing, and many other items. Ricardo can turn lights off and on, open and close drawers, as well as clean James’ plate every night. Ricardo was trained by Canine Companion for Independence (CCI). CCI provides canines for people with disabilities who pass all requirements from their evaluations process. For more information go to
James, Ricardo and Paul meet out a bank one day. It was little two magnets attracting each other when Ricardo and Paul first met. Paul’s interest and concerns for animals is noticeable right at the beginning. His holistic approach is what Ricardo needs to maintain his health with the least amount of chemicals as possible. Ricardo is overwhelmed with excitement every time he sees Paul. With the holistic approach along with the knowledge of grooming and enthusiasm, Paul is the right choice for James and Ricardo.
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