Live Your Dream

What is your life dream? What life dream that sometimes seems possible but in some sense it is impossible? What dream that only a few people of the world can experience? I mean the dream you want to accomplish before death. We all  want something in life that seems hard to believe it’s capable of achieving – a dream away.
Lauren Hill’s dream is to play college basketball ever since she could remember. She has put in hours amount days practicing and play basketball so her dream could come true. She has sweat gallons of perspiration  and excerpt enough energy to light her brainy idea over her young life.
Her dream is so close to her grasp but it might as well be a light year away. For an athlete to play in college, the number is small. The number gets even small when you have a life ending disease. Lauren has brain cancer in which she has only months to live. Therefore, for her to play college basketball she will need a small miracle and it needs to come fast.
The NCAA  granted the basketball season to start two weeks earlier so Lauren will have an opportunity to see her dream come true. Check out her playing college basketball and making her dream come true. click on the link
What an inspirational story on it’s not how long you live but what you accomplish while you’re here on Earth and the lives you touch. She will be remember by many on how o live and not just surviving taking up space.
Let me know what you think. What is your comment?
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