My Hero: My Mother

My mother, Kate, is the strongest person I know, not physically strong, but emotionally, spiritually, and character strong. If I take the letters MOTHER, I can describe her to a tee.
Managed to be the jack of all trades. She could help work on cars, build an additional room to the house. She was my personal catcher, doctor, and nurse.
Opened her home to all. She was mother not to just her own children but mother to other children in the neighborhood. She would feed us, correct us, discipline us, provide financial support as well as emotional support. She would be proud of all of us, even though we might have disappointed her.
The nerves of steel. Mom could handle any situation that came to her. She raised her three sons and the neighborhood children after my father died when I was sixteen years old. She came to the hospital with an amazing calm and positive attitude when she found out that I had broken my neck and would be paralyzed the rest of my life. Even after I had attempted suicide, she was there to assure me that things would be all right and she loved me.
Heart bigger than the world. My mom gave twenty dollars a month to a friend of hers, but she did this anonymously. Even when this friend of hers died, she had no idea that my mother was sending her this money. Mom and this friend had a mutual friend who would address the card so her other friend wouldn’t recognize my mom’s handwriting. One day, this friend of my mother’s got mad at my mother and told the mutual friend how mad she was. Somehow, this funding came up in conversation, and my mother’s friend said she knew my mother wouldn’t do anything like this. Mom still sent the twenty dollars to her until her death.
Eyes in the back of her head. There were times I knew I had gotten away with a particular event, but later on it came back to me from my mother. She questioned my motives and the event. I don’t know how she knew or how she found out, but it seemed that there was no way of getting away with my mischievous ways.
Released her love on all occasions. My mother is full of love and is known by numerous people as “Mom.”  She loves being helpful, being constructive in life, being “hands-on” raising her children, being with her pets, cooking for her family, and being a surrogate grandmother to several families.
My mother is in her seventies and provides life lessons, love, attention, and support to all that are around her. She gives me the courage and strength that I need to continue in life and to become a positive role model for others around me. She teaches me to be strong but understanding, to provide strength and flexibility to others that need it, and to provide open arms as well as an open house to the ones that may need it.
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