One Reason Bullying Continues

Recently, I went to a Nashville Sounds game with my brother Bear and my friend Coach Way. The games was great with the Sounds winning, we enjoyed the expensive foods and drinks, and we remised about the good old days.
While the game was moving to the next inning after inning, I noticed one row below me a woman who seemed to be having a great time. She was laughing, nudging
a friend beside her, and making a video with her cell phone.
Cell phones are great! Coach Way and other people were videoing the San Diego Chicken as he was performing in between innings gags and pranks. The Chicken was just as enjoyable as the game and company that night.
Then, I noticed the woman sitting below wasn’t having fun because of the Chicken, not the ballgame but she was interested in making fun or bullying another spectator. She was videoing another woman while getting her friend to laugh at the unknowing spectator.
The inconspicuous woman was overweight, not watching most of the game because she was knitting. Yes, knitting at the ballgame. She might have not known the score of the game but it was obvious she was having fun. She was laughing, yelling, “Charge,” listening to her husband and friends’ comments about the game and chuckling, and she watched the Chicken as she was concentrating on her knitting.
The woman below was laughing, videoing, and getting her friend’s attention so to bully the other woman. then next step is where I was loosing it. The video was put on FaceBook with unfavorable comments. I said, “You should be ashamed of yourself. It’s people like you who kept bullying alive.” She just looked at me with no words.
Bullying will continue because adults who Bully teach their children to do the same. Maybe not by purposely educating their children but from show and tell. The child watches the adults when around people who are different from them and learn how to Bully.
We should all help each other to be successful in life, encourage each other to be the best we can be, and during hard times we should be there to give support while assuring each other that things will improve over time.
Let me know what you think. What is your comment?
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