Self Doubt Controls Your Success

Our biggest preventer in not being successful or happy in life, is not other’s influence, although the people we associate with on a daily base seem to influence us in our lives, but it is our own self doubt. We talk ourselves out of trying something new such as being the next American Idol contestant, the inventor to make life easier, the cure for a specific disease, getting help to overcome an addition, or whatever you can think.
Why do we self doubt ourselves? We are comfortable where we are in life. We are in a certain routine that makes sense to us. If we do something different, our routine changes. The people in our lives might disagree with our decisions. We think the worst that can happen is that we try and fail. We don’t want to be a failure so it’s easier not to try.
There are two type people in this world. The, I’ll sit back and wait for the world to give me something. They believe the world and other people owe them something. They wait for opportunity to come to them and they can’t understand why they struggle in life. Some people believe their destiny is to struggle in all forms of life. They do the same work as their parents because this is all they know even though they know their parents want them to have a better life. Sometimes the children feel guilty if they receive a better life than their parents. They have false thoughts that people will condemn them if they do better in life. Other people drive them down mentally. They listen to others that tell them they are wasting their time. The naysayer that brainwash people by telling them it’s impossible.
They get comfortable in life. If I try and fail, then my time, money, and energy was wasted. I don’t want to start over again. They believe they should have listened to the non-encouragement people. They believe their destiny is to work hard and struggle.
Break away from the negative people; get out of your comfort zone; take some risk in life. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you to do better. People who will help you attain your goals in life. Be confident in your dreams and push yourself harder until you reach your dream.
The other types of people are the ones that are go getters and they get what they believe is theirs in life. They believe in hard work, the sacrifice in life, they take responsibility for their lives, and they help other people by giving them a helping hand not a handout. They believe in their dreams, their purpose in life and they work hard until they attain their goals in life.
Sometimes we must fail to be successful; it lets us know if we really want what we desire, we learn from failure, sometime struggles will come, being successful isn’t easy, being successful doesn’t come without a price. When we are unsuccessful we learn from it. We find out how strong we are, we can build on the failure to become successful, failure can trigger a new idea, and we become stronger and more confident when the next adversity comes in our lives.
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