Sometimes You Never Know Who You Are Helping

While walking Ricardo in his favorite venue, a woman approached us saying, ”I read your book.”
My response, “Excuse me?”
“Didn’t you write a book? I remember the picture with you and your dog on it.” She replied.
“Yes.” I said, “One More Play.”
As she was petting Ricardo, obviously he is not spoiled; I asked her, “How did you acquire my book?”
She then explained, “I was locked up in the Sumner County Jail. One More Play is in the Sumner County Jail Library in the Christian section.”
Who would have guessed my book, One More Play, is helping someone in jail? It goes to show; you never know who you are helping and whatever their circumstance.
About eight months ago, I learned one of my children books, Never Fear Ricardo is Here, was used to encourage and help two sixth grade students read. They were in the sixth grade with a low reading level. In June, I received the privilege of meeting these two young men and witness their new reading skills. Not only could they read better but also the read from my book to an adult crowd. Again, sometimes you never know when or how you are helping someone.
Whether you have been incarcerated, have the lack of reading skills or whatever is challenging you, step up and be strong, be courageous, learn from the situation and bring someone else out of the tragedies. There are play of ways to help others and yourself. Write book, start a blog, be your own internet radio or television YouTube host, write articles, or simply be there as an encouragement friend. Demonstrate to them that you can and they can overcome adversities.
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