When the Tough Get Going; Well, No Need to Try Just Give Up

It’s that time of the year in the sports world again. It’s playoffs for Tennessee basketball. This is where the dominated teams prevail as champions or the possibility of the Cinderella teams upsetting their opponents. Here is where the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat happen.
What if the coach suggest to the team to throw the game? That’s right coach the team to lose on purpose. That is what two teams yes two teams, from Tennessee did in the district tournament. One coach figured out if his team loss his team would be in a different bracket opposite from not only the defending state champion but also the national champs.
One coach did his own bracketology and put his plan in action to lose intentionally. The other coach figured out the plan and decided to have his team lose as well. Both teams played poorly, turning the ball over and giving the other team a chance to score. They also missed free-throws on purpose.
Believe it or not but these coaches were teaching their players more than losing a basketball game. They were teaching them that when the tough get going; well, no need to try just give up. Don’t do your best and avoid the challenge.
We shouldn’t instruct people to avoid adversities but instead face them with the confidence that a champion should have. By standing up to a problem, even the smallest trial, people will be better more prepared to manage tragedies in the future.
Stand tall and face the struggle with the confident and knowledge that you will Persevere Past your Paralysis.
Let me know what you think. What is your comment?
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