You Had A Bad Day

It’s our decision on how our day starts; right. Well, I believe that can be debatable. People say that if something happens to you it’s your choice to become mad. If circumstances out of your control put you in an undesirable mood, it’s your fault others would say.
I think its O.K. to get mad when someone is out of control and their actions effect you. For example, a family going to church and a drunk driver hits them. Yes, it’s acceptable to get angry, but no it’s not right to hang on this angry for what seems a life time.
During a football game, I became paralyzed due to someone’s irresponsibility. After learning I’ll not walk again, I was furious. It took time but I was able to forgive him while hoping the best for him. I think he visited me once at the hospital.
While looking at the floor lying face down on a Stryker frame, two people came to visit and raise my mortal. After a short time, it was time for them to leave. I heard the door close but suddenly the door opened and I heard, “I’m sorry man.” I can only believe this visitor was my nemesis like Superman being paralyzed by kryptonite.
In the past I’ve wondered how the fellow who paralyzed me ever felt. On that day, did he feel strong; empowerment or shame; did he feel as if his life was in an uncontrollable spin like my life that was handed to me within less than a second.
After what seemed a life time in the hospital, in reality it was a three months stay, there were two songs that got me through some days. The Police with their hit song King of Pain and Ann Murray with A Little Good News Today gave me the emotional lift of the ay or even in the middle of the night. There are plenty of inspirational and motivational songs and videos that can pump you up for the day. When I know that the day is starting off bad, I try to watch and listen to videos that put me in the mood to conquer the day.
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